MDMMother House at Johanespuram, Jananmpet, Eluru ( Catholic Diocese of Eluru, Andhrapradesh)

MDM Kalvi Poonga, Salipet, Ponneri Taluk, Tiruvallur ( Arch Diocese of Madras – Mylapore, T.N)

MDM Learning Centre, Behind Petra Nilaya, Kannanore PostKotthanur Via, Bangalore

( Arch Diocese of Bangalore , Karnataka)


Within five years of existence, the strings are getting woven into cloth with a gradual process by the grace of The Divine Mercy.


Location of the Houses of MDM  

  Eluru- Andhra Pradesh

  Chennai-(Madras Mylapore)

  Bengaluru (Karnataka)


A.  MDM Developmental work at Eluru  (First House –‘MDM Mercy House’)


i. Blessing of Portiongula cum Evening Study Centre                                                                                 

by Rev. Fr. Dr. Singarayar OFM

ii. Blessing of the Foundation Stone for MDM Mercy House cum MDM Formation House  

by Bishop Pragash Mallavarappu the Administrator

iii. Blessing of the Foundation Stone for the Divine Mercy Tower                                                                           

by Bishop Pragash Mallavarappu the Administrator

iv. Blessing of Divine Mercy Tower                                                                                                                      

by Rev. Fr. Benito Albert de Sousa, Moderator General.                                                                                              

Rev.Fr. Jesurajan Nirmalagiri,                                                                                                                                                

Rev.Fr.Nelli George Jubilee Nager


Good News




Blessing of theCome and Rest a whileChapel Most Rev. Jeya Rao Polimera DD - 20.10.2013


Divine Mercy Tower at Jwenaspuram- Eluru is given an extension made into a prayer chapel. 50 people comfortably accommodated for prayer, recollection, retreat and Holy Eucharist.  Jwenaspuram Divine Mercy tower attracts people around every day for the divine Mercy Chaplet and evening prayer. Rest and see whether the place is good.   

 Construction of the New Formation House of MDM is in the offing. May God Bless the venture.




B.  MDM Developmental work at MDM Chennai  -(Madras Mylapore)




1. Rev. Fr. Pancras Editor The New Leader blessed grotto of Divine Mercy


 2. Visit of Most Rev. A.M.Chinnappa DD Archbishop of Madras Mylapore 


  3. MDM Offered a Parish under the patronage of St. Joseph at Kaniambakkam


 4. Very Rev.Fr.Arul Raj V.G. Officiated Confirmation Service


 5. MDM Kalvi Poonga – blessing of Additional Building   By Fr.Benito Albert de Sousa 


MDM Kalvi Poonga    phase I                                                                                                              


            Fr. Benito Albert de Sousa 


MDM Kalvi Poonga Phase II  is in progress now


6. Fr. Bala (Dental College)  Presided Over School Annual Day


 7. Blessing of Divine Mercy Statue by Fr. Jude Pragasam V.F


                                         C. MDM Bangaluru


                     1.Jeevodaya Kamanahalli


                     2.MDM Learning Centre


                     3.Divine Mercy School


                   4.Evening Schools

About Us

WE ARE CALLED MDM (Missionaries of Divine Mercy)

The Congregation was found by His Exellency Late Bishop John Mulagada DD, Bishop of Eluru, Andhra Pradesh, India.  It is a budding Congregation with five Priests and 25 seminarians working in Eluru, Chennai, Suburbs, Bangalore and Sharjah, U.A.E. Mission stations in different charism.


MDM strive to spread the Mercy of Our Lord Jesus Christ through Spirituality of  St. Faustian to building up the Society grearing towards the devotion to the Divine Mercy Jesus explicitly which includes the Spiritual works of Mercy and Corporal works of Mercy, by our very life.

3. Initial Difficulty:

After founding MDM (within a year) Bishop John passed away, due to Cancer. He continues to support us from heaven. Yes we looked up to heaven we are assured of support. Divine Mercy Lord stood by us, all these days and Mary Mother of Mercy showed us that she cares for us. They showed the way and poured out Grace and strength and here we are this day.

4. The Good Samaritans:

The OFMs had played a vital role in providing us the place of stay & food with love and additional flavor of Franciscan spirituality and now we have put up a small shed to station one or two personals. Fr. George Lourdusamy MDM will move to the new place. He is loved by all the OFMs and so affinity will continue and remain as a back bone for the growth of MDM. We are grateful to the good Samaritans.

5. The Continuation:

The remaining part of the story your good-self may already know from the Vocation Recommendation letter of Rev. Fr. Sebastian OFM Cap, the Provincial Minister of Andra-Orissa Region, for Br. Kumud to contact Fr. George DMD then to me in Chennai.

And I am privileged address to you prayerfully for the following ministry & Mission.

6. Ministry:

a) Mission in Eluru: Presently assisting at Divine Mercy Shrine at Jubilee Nager.  Eluru A.P and we need to put up a building, a formation house cum study Centre. Taking care of the Pastoral need and educational development at St.Joseph's mission station – Singagudam, Eluru. Assisting week long mission retreats for the people at Prema Seva Ashram.

b) Chennai Mission: MDM run a school, English Medium School for the poor we have 400 children and 25 staff.

c) Bangalore Mission: MDM runs a free school and small orphanage.

d) Mission Preaching:We do take up mission preaching in order to spread the devotion to Divine Mercy.Just yesterday we have completed a retreat at our lady Mount Carmel Church.Vavarai of KK dist.

7. Needs:

To keep up our mission to maintain and to develop we look forward to people of good will. It's my belief that your good self could be of great support to such a small group of us in some way

Mercy Voice

God bless you all.

Divine Mercy Retreat at Vavarai

Holy Moiher, ilie ('much mep her people to the Feast of Easter every year. She instructs heu people ni observe 40 days of Lent. The people follow her guidance and observe Lent with fasting, almsgiving and prayer. As the tradition is, they do a lot of prayer, make way of the cross and participate in retreats, gel closer to Jesus, our Lord and get Grace and Mercy of the Lord.

Under the able guidance of the Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Sekar, the people of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church at Vavarai, K.K.Dist, invited 'The Missionaries of Divine Mercy' prayer group to animate and organize a Charismatic Divine Mercy Retreat.

A group under the leadership of Rev. Fr. George Lourdu Sarny animated the retreat.

People were led, on the first day, to get deep into the presence of God. The Readings were 2 Sam 6:14 "David danced before the presence of the Lord with all his might"; Dan 6:22 "My God has sent His angel and shut the lion's mouths.. ."; Mat 8:27 even the wind and sea are listening". On the second day, they were led to ponder over aspect of reconciliation: sin, consequences of sin, realization of sin, feeling sorry sin and finally deciding to quit sin, by accepting Jesus the Lord in their own lives.

People, on the third day, were led to pray fervently. They renewed their Baptismal vows by holding lighted candles and then Consecrated their families to Divine Mercy. During the Holy Eucharistic Celebration, they were also made to realize the role of the Virgin Mary that God sent Jesus to the world through her (Cf. Is 7: 14) and in return have to go to God through her. Louis gave testimony from his life and prayed fbr the people. Divine Mercy chapletDivine The  In the  bible we to lead tens of thousands the shepherd boy david Likewise, Jesus, the second polish woman Helen spread the message of souls. We also pray in the Holy on us and Christ have the immense love and Faustina said, "My heart for poor sinners" souls that make an appeal even a worst  sinner season is the time to look  comings and to repent to the precepts of promises us that the soul Communion, will obtain

A great Blessing....

MDM CHENNAI was decked with beauty and happiness as it received His Grace. Most. Rev.Dr. A.M. Chinnappa, SDB D.D.Ph.D the Archbishop ol Madras Mylapore on 19, Feb, 2011, on the Annual Day of Kalvi Poonga Mat. School. —_____

He was received by Fr. Savaridass MDM, & the staff, He was escorted by the graduates of K. G.assisted by the school orchestra welcomed & was honored on the stage. The Annual report was a colourful video presentation. It gave the short history of the school and its activities which was continued with cultural activities.

The Archbishop in his own loving way called for the attention of the people. He congratulated the school, its success in imparting education to this remote area and applauded its achievement in securing centurn in public exam 2010. He blessed the school the staff and the pupils Further developments like upgradiation into a higher secondary cannot be stooped by any- he stressed.

After the function he visited MDM Chapel and prayed for the MDM community Frs P.A.Jacob ,A.Pancras , & Agilan and a number of Sisters were also present.

-Ms .Rekha.

Be Merciful to Others I demand form you deeds of Mercy which are to arise out of  love for me. You are to show mercy to your neighbours always and everywhere .

The Mercy Pope

Pope John Paul II is clearly presenting the message of Divine Mercy as Gods answer to many problems of the humanity. He personally celebrated Mercy Sunday in 1995 at the Divine Mercy Centre in Rome at the Church of (lie Holy Spirit. In his homily, lie urged all to "trust in the Lord" and "be Apostles of Divine Mercy".

At his noon time address, immediately following the celebration of Mercy Sunday in 1995, the Holy Father also spoke Strongly about the need for Divine Mercy."Dear brothers and sisters, we must personally experience this mercy if, in turn, we want to he capable of mercy".

The Holy Father also came as a pilgrim to the tomb of Blessed Faustina in Lagiewniki, Poland, on June 7, 1997. During his remarks there, lie said, come to enirust to (the Merciful Savior) once more my Petrine ministry Jesus, I trust in You", He also spoke of how "the message of Divine Mercy... in a sense, forms (lie image of this pontificate". Then, on April 3D, 2000, which was Divine Mercy Sunday, the Pope canonized Sr. Faustina as the first saint of the Great Jubilee Year. On that day, he also announced that the Second Sunday of Easter would he called now on as Divine Mercy Sunday through  out the Church, So, truly we can call John Paul II the "Mercy Pope".

In Eluru A.P,.Rev. Fr. Nell George, the Director, Divine Mercy shrine, , Jubilee Nagar, organizes the Feast Divine Mercy. Rev. Fr. Bala starts the novena on Good Friday at 3'0 clock, continued with a three clays convention.

Most. Rev. Mallavarappu Prakash. the Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Eluru, officiates the Feast.on I May, 2011. He solemnly reads the Papal announcement of the Beatification of Pope John Paul II by His Holiness Benedict XVI.

On this great occasion 'the Missionaries of Divine Mercy' extend their greetings to all the readers of Mercy Voice. May the Divine Mercy envelope one and all with His Love and Mercy.


The Wondrous Power of the Divine Mercy

ABC's of Mercy

I was not that much aware of the ABC's of the Mercy, I mean I knew nothing of it. Only after attending the Charismatic Retreat given by Divine Mercy team .. I came to know something about the ABCs of the Mercy.

A. stands for- "Ask for His Mercy": God wants us to approach Him in prayer constantly. repenting of our sins and asking Him to pour His mercy out upon us.

B. stands for " Be merciful to others': God wants us to receive His mercy and let it flow through us to others. He wants us to extend love and forgiveness to others.

C stands for " Complete Trust in Jesus": God wants us to know that the graces of His mercy are dependent upon our trust. The more we trust in Jesus, the more we will receive.

The Divine Mercy is at the very heart of the Gospel. but how can the poor and the uninformed specially sinners experience this Mercy in their lives? Was my question. I got the answer from the words of Jesus to St. Faustina " Tell priests that hardened sinners will repent on hearing their words, where they speak about my unfathomable mercy. The priests who proclaim and extol my mercy, I will give wondrous power, I will anoint their words and touch the hearts of those to whom they will speak" ( 1521).

The bounden duty of the Priests is to spread the mercy of the Lord to the uneducated and the marginalized and to make them experience such  compassionate mercy of the Lord in their lives. In this way only we all can have the experience of the power of Divine Mercy.

Some of the wondrous powers of the Divine Mercy we could admire are....

Divine Mercy wells forth happiness and peace of mind

Divine Mercy encloses itself to sinners

Divine Mercy encompasses the humanity

Divine Mercy gives wonders and miracles in human life

Divine Mercy accompanies the faithful

Divine Mercy lifts the sorrows and suffering of the faithful

Divine Mercy gives relief to anguished hearts

Divine Mercy pours out unconditional love

Divine Mercy burns with a flame of pity for sinners

Divine Mercy shields the faithful in the final battle

Divine Mercy heals the wounded (To be continued)

St. Caesarian's Sermon

My brothers and sisters, sweet is the thought of mercy, but even more so is mercy itself. It is what all men hope for, but unfortunately, not what all men desrve. For while all men wish to receive it, only a few are willing to give it.

How can a man ask for himself what he refuses to give to another? If he expects to receive any mercy in heaven, he should give mercy on earth. Do we all desire to receive mercy? Let us make mercy our patroness now, and she will free us in the world to come yes, there is mercy in heaven, but the road to it is paved by our merciful acts on earth. Human mercy has compassion on the miseries of the poor. Divine mercy grants forgiveness of sins. In this life god feels cold and hunger in all who are in povery, yes, god who sees fit to give his mercy in heaven wishes it to be a reality here on earth.

When god gives, we wish to receive, hut when he begs, we refuse to give; christ said "I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat" when the poor starve, Christ too hungers. Christ hungers and thirsts in the persons of the poor. What he will returns tomorrow is what he receives here on earth today. What do we pray for, in the church? "Have mercy on us lord; have mercy on us, Christ? Show mercy on earth, and mercy will be shown to you by god. A poor person begs for a morsel of food, you beg for eternal life, Christ says "Give and it will he given to you""Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy", give to the poor; give them whatever your resources will allow. "What you have done to the least of my brothers, you have done to me"


I never reject a contrite a heart(l485).  Sooner would heaven and earth turn into nothingness than would my mercy not embrace a trusting soul (1777)

Door to Heaven......

Chaplet of Divine Mercy

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Our Father ....Hail Mary... and The Apostles Creed.....

2. Then on the Our Father Beads say the following:

Eternal Father, I offer You the Body and Blood,

Soul and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son.

Our Lord Jesus Christ. in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world.

3. On the 10 Hail Mary Beads say the following:

For the sake of 1-us sorrowful Passion,

have mercy on us and on the whole world.

(Repeat step 2 and 3 for all live decades).

4. conclude with (three (lines):

Holy God. Holy Mighty One,Holy Immortal One. have mercy on us and on the whole world.

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b. Education of Seminarians                                                     :Rs.40,000/ Annum / Seminarian

c. By way of Mass Stipend for Priests & Mass Kit etc.for the new Mission.

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